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Ecco: Peaceful Times
Medium: Drawn with pencil and paper, inked, and colored in photoshop. As you can see by the date. I had this drawing around for a while. It's been fully colored but I held it's release back cause well, I needed to find away to do bubbles. This is underwater after all! And finely, I found away to do them. No they are NOT a Picture Tube's! They were all hand done using the round selection tool, and airbrushing the white on the bottom and a dark blue on top. Then a scattered brush adding a very faint white around them to give the loom of more tiiiny bubbles. Ecco The Dolphin ^.^ Hes one of my all time FAVE Video game characters!! and I love his game thats out for the dreamcast and PSX2!! Mmm.. defender of the future.... I'm going to do a tutorial on how to do the water reflection on the dolphin's back's, and how to do the bubbles.
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